Hokkaido Golf Tourism Convention.


The first thing that hits you when you arrive in Hokkaido in August is the blazing morning sun in your eyes but yet amazing cool temperatures at 17 to 19 degrees! Wow! Especially for a golfer from tropical Singapore. It’s really something else. 

Kitahiroshima GC green condition
Sprawling fairway of Kitahiroshima Golf Club. Hole leading back to the Hotel in the Background.

Now the second thing that hits you when you are at the golf courses is.. your caddy! Yes you’ve heard of the ‘sad, horror’ stories of old Japanese aunties and grandmas plying your bags compared to the young pretty ones we’re so often used to in Indonesia and Thailand. Well think again! I would rate the Japanese caddies as one of the best if not the best and most professional caddies I’ve ever had the pleasure of being ‘caddied’ by! Unbelievable. 

Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel Lobby

Yes even though they are in their 50s and 60s, I found out for myself that they are the most hardworking, intuitive and even fun caddies I’ve ever met! And I don’t even speak Japanese! What’s even more amazing is we only had one ‘auntie caddy’ for 3 golfers. How amazing is that? 

Welcome Address by GM of KItahiroshima GC
Members of the Delegation

Language problems? What language problems. Distance? There’s GPS on the buggy allowed on fairways. How to read the greens? There are hand gestures. And whats more fun. They were constantly smiling and encouraging you on every shot. Really. 

Bright and Sunny at 19 degree Celsius at Kitahiroshima GC

So my experience of golf in Japan is this. GO! Go to Japan and experience golf and everything else in Hokkaido where the weather is amazing, the golf is superb and the food is simply.. fantastic! 

Delegates at Regent GC
Delegates at Regent GC
Alpen Co,Ltd
Thank you address by GM of Regent Golf Club

View of the City Park in the middle of Sapporo City



More to follow..

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