Hainan Media Fam Trip

It was in April this year that GolfplusOne Media Singapore first met Hainan Nice Golf during the 7th AGTC in Manila. It was a chanced meeting by two IAGTO Members and the idea of inviting a group of media to promote a Golf Destination, in this case Hainan, was hatched shortly after. More importantly, communication lines were opened, emails started flowing between both parties and 3 months later, the first-ever South East Asia Golf Media Fam Trip will soon be held in Hainan Island, China from 4-9 September 2018 at the generous invitation of the Hainan Tourism Development Commission.

After initial research, media organisations from South East Asia were contacted then nominated and selections were made after both IAGTO members were appointed as the Official Trip Coordinators with the support and endorsement of Hainan Tourism.

The golf media comprising of Magazine Publications, Television Productions and an Online Website soon took shape and the following organisations were selected to represent their countries.


  • TransVision Golf Channel
  • OB GOLF & Lifestyle Magazine
  • Golf Asia Magazine
  • PT. Kariza Virtama.


  • Par Golf Magazine


  • Siam Inter-Vision TV Golf Channels
  • Golfer Square Lifestyle & Travel Magazine


  • GolfplusOne Online Media
  • We also invited the Chairman of Jakarta Hotel Association (JHA) to share his experiences and insights on Golf Tourism in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The media delegates were briefed on the objectives of this trip and the following tasks were outlined:

  • To show a collective effort by a group of Media in promoting and marketing Hainan Island to the SEA Region and the respective participating countries
  • To focus and promote Golf Courses, Hotels, Tourist Attractions and other selected venues through various media platforms
  • To share experiences and insights on how golf tourism is promoted.

This Media initiative clearly shows and proves that with advance planning and spelling out clear and concise objectives, the Media could and would play a major role in promoting Golf Destinations in a more effective way with compiling key relevant information and recommendations for travelling golfers on where to eat (restaurants), sleep (hotels) , book (access) and play Golf!

At the same time, Tourism Boards would be able to promote their very own Golf Destinations along with their tourism objectives as part of a much broadened approach via a collective group of Media organisations.

Media will be able to promote these destinations with one loud VOICE reaching out to wider audiences effectively in one GO!

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